Civilians of the sex toys market, part-time job outbreaking

Survey shows that the high growth rate and product premium rate has become the industry's "Star" in the sex toys market.  The compound annual growth rate of appeal products market is going up to 70%, which indicates that the market is going into the explosive growth period in the next 5 years. Attentive friends will find that three very favorable conditions are getting the green light for the adult sex toys industry.  

Data show that 40% of adults in Europe and the United States are using sex toys. Because modern people advocating harmonious life, people pay more attention to the quality of life besides the food and clothing. More and more people need to improve sexual and erotic life, relieve pressure, or increase the emotional bond between lovers. Once consumers used the appeal products, they will be addicted to it. This feature is also an incentive for high growth rates of sex toys.  

It's easy to receive vast amounts of information every day in this internet era. The credit of media in promoting sex toy industry growth is quite a lot. Many domestic mainstream media are tring to get sex toys civilian. it's no longer private toys in the shadow. it can be taken out for exchanging and showed to thousands of visitors in the Expo booths. The sex culture is no longer the "great scourges". It's a kind of fashion, a healthy lifestyle. So, the future of this sunrise industry is immeasurable.  

According to the analysis of the current age of the population, our society has become the world of young people borned after 1980 and 1990. They have become the main consumers of various industries. Because of less traditional concept, they are more receptive to new things, paying more attention to the quality of life and their own enjoyment of the process. The obstacles from traditional concept in the development of adult sex toys, has become more and more insignificant.

A recent survey report shows that 65% of the Chinese respondents hope to add some spice to their sex life. And the number is constantly growing.