Female consumers occupy half of the adult sex toys market.

With the Adult sex toys market continued growing, female consumers have occupied half of the adult sex toys market. What's the characteristics? In detail from the following aspects, we will help all of our customers in the control of the purchase channels, setting of the product category and marketing operation.
Every body has all kinds of needs, even "fairy sisters" fail to escape. Regarding to ladies from "a budding beauty" slowly becoming older "3S lady", how to solve their own little desires? As the technology is developed, the sex toys are better than men, I usually use them recently, Pauline Lan said. I will patronize adult stores, without any embarrassment, and buy a lot, whenever I visit a new city, Angelina Julie said. Why are these things better than men? Since ancient times, the body structure difference determines the different "love" sense between male and female. At the scientific point of view, women's desire are higher than men. If the woman is compared to the "field", the man to the "cattle". Then, there is only cattle exhausted , no field cultivated to bad. A statistics shows that there are more than 2/3 women in the process of sex love can not be satisfied. That's why the auxiliary function of the female sex toys is indispensable.
Because of the dual improve of consumer awareness and technology, nowadays women have already shifted from "mothers" tradition to "workplace fashion elegant beauty". With the growing of women's education level, they accept new things much quicker, which make them willing to pay for the enjoyment, especially some intelligent adult sex toys.
Optimization of consumption channels allow adult sex toys market broking out. With the maturity of the network as well as the mobile Internet continueing to expand, more and more women choose the PC terminal or mobile phone purchasing form. The more developed regions, the more obvious the phenomenon, which ranked the top three are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, respectively, accounted for 20%, 15% and 11% of total sales. According to the data, the purchase rate is more than half of the urban women.
Mencius says, The desire for food and sex is nature.  The pursuit of spiritual and physical enjoyment is no ground for blame after people solving the problem of food and clothing. How to grasp this huge consumer market, how to make the development of this industry will be the main strategic point to achieve a win-win situation of wealth.